Below you will find testimonials from schools who have received our media.


Please note permission has been granted to publish all testimonials featured:




Many thanks for the books about being safe in various situations. I think they are well written and attractive just what an 11 year old would be happy to pick up and read. They match our RHSE curriculum and will be a great resource for each of our Y6 children. It will be great for them to be able to take them home, look at them with parents and refer to them when required. 


Fakenham Junior School


Hi there


Would just like to say that we have received 60 x safe kids childrens safety educational magazine free of charge from your sponsor .

We would like to firstly say that the magazine is fab.  Someone has pointed out that some of the apps are not included on that page, Tick Tock being one of them but presumably with apps being invented every day its difficult to keep up.

We would like to order a further 35 free of charge please if at all possible?

Broseley C of E Primary School


Good Afternoon,


We were very kindly sent 45 copies of Safe Kids Children's Safety Educational Magazine.


We think the information contained in the booklet is invaluable for our year 6 children, but we currently have 60 children on roll, could we possibly have 15 more copies please?

Heaton Avenue Primary School






Good afternoon, we have today received a very kind donation from Mr Michael Spratt, 30 copies of the safe kids magazine.  We would be grateful of some extra copies if possible.  


We have passed them on to our Year 6's, which we have 90 pupils.  We would be very grateful of as many extra copies you can provide us with


Chuter Ede Primary School




I have spoken with one of our class teachers and here are her thoughts to your publication.


“These booklets looked to be a fantastic addition to our life skills curriculum and will be invaluable in making sure our children can stay safe and healthy”.

Long Toft Primary

We have today received  free copies of the “Safe Kids Children’s Safety Educational Magazine”. Our Executive Head teacher Mr Jon Murphy is extremely grateful and  pleased with these magazines, the timing of them is perfect as we have been covering several aspects which are contained in the magazine this week. 


The magazines will be distributed amongst our Year 5 and 6 classes.



Llanfoist Fawr Primary

My name is Richard Tomlinson, Head Teacher at East Bridgford St Peter's CE Academy.


I would like to request additional copies of the SAFE KIDS childrens' safety education magazine.


We have recently received 30 copies. In Year 5&6 we have just under 90 children. Therefore,can I request an additional 60 copies (some for our school entrance table too).


I have emailed the sponsor to thank them for their contribution.



East Bridgford St Peter's CE Academy






We have recently received 30  Safe Kids children’s safety magazines that was kindly sponsored by a local business. 


The Headteacher liked them and if they are free of charge would love to be able to give them out

to the whole of our Year 6 and if possible Year 5 too.



Evenlode Primary School








Thank you very much for the leaflets, we have given them out to our year 6 children.


Have a great day



Great Clacton C of E Junior School 

We would really love to have an additional 10 copies of Safe Kids so that all our Year 6 children are able to have a copy.

Many thanks for your help.

The William Hogarth School



Thank you for your delivery of 30 free copies of the Safety Educational Magazine.   We feel that this magazine would be very beneficial to our Y6 children.   Could you possible let us have a further 28 copies as we have 58 children in Y6 in total.

Nicol Mere School

We have recently received 30 copies of the Children’s Safety Education Magazine which has been sent  .We note that in your letter, you advised that we could request addition copies of the magazine free of charge.


We would be grateful if you could send the school a further 45 copies as we believe that this would be very beneficial to our Year 5 Students.


Lyndhurst Community Primary School

Thank you for the Safety Magazine,


I would love to take up the offer of receiving a free magazine for every child (360) and use the first 30 as teacher resources.


Please, therefore, could I receive 360 free magazines provided free of charge!

Little Green Junior School